Favorite Childhood Books

I spent a lot of time reading as a kid. It was one of my favorite pastimes. My mom would take me to the library once a week in the summertime and I remember walking out with my arms full of books every single time. It was also my favorite day of the week at school, going to the library. I read just about anything that I could get my hands on. Didn’t matter if the books were fiction or not, whether they had photos, illustrations or if there was just text. I wasn’t picky as long as I could either read or look up the words!

I did have favorites, though. I liked mysteries – I really enjoyed figuring out the puzzles before the solution was revealed in the book. And my all-time favorite mysteries were none other than the Nancy Drew, Girl Detective series of books. You probably know who Nancy Drew is, she’s a pretty well-known character.

The books have been around since the 1930s or something. There are a bunch of different variations and titles. I guess it got updated from time to time. However, the Girl Detective books were the ones I enjoyed most. I liked these because she is a little different in them. She isn’t obsessed with solving mysteries like she is in some of the other versions of the series. She also has friends that appear more three-dimensional, who have interests and backgrounds and families as well. When I read them, they felt like people I knew and would want to be friends with.

Some of the older Nancy Drew books felt like she was a little too good and a bit too perfect for me. Like she wouldn’t have wanted to be my friend anyway because I often made mistakes and didn’t always do the right thing. I read them more for the mysteries than for the characters and being able to relate to them in any way. I guess it helped that the other books were more contemporary but even so, the characters were way more relatable.

I really liked the double books Lights, Camera… and …Action! One of my other favorites was The Orchid Thief. I remember reading it in the library and then begging my mom to take me to the bookstore. I bought a copy for my very own using some birthday and allowance money. I thought I was so great!

As a big Nancy Drew fan, I really enjoyed the 2007 movie. I thought they did a good job casting Emma Roberts. She was a very believable Nancy. I also liked all the references to the books as well. At the beginning, you see a bookcase and they’re all Nancy Drew books. Another nice touch is the titles of the DehliaDraycott movies were actually Nancy Drew book titles. The end credits in the film had drawings that looked a lot like the early illustrations as well.Those were all nice touches. I was so glad that the books and movie went so well together, sometimes they really screw things up, don’t you think?

So those were my favorite childhood books. Did you read them too?