Why I Like the Internet

I know, most people like the internet. We like it because it makes life so much easier. There’s so much information at our fingertips. We can get information so quickly. It makes life so much easier when you can just type something into your search bar and get an answer. The internet helps us find places, too, and helps us get to where we want to be. TBH, when internet connections go down, people start to panic. It’s kind of funny if you think about it. And sure, I like all of the typical things that people like about the internet. But I also like the internet for another reason: fanlistings.

If you’ve never heard of fanlistings, you are really missing out. They are essentially what you think they are: a list of people who are fans of a certain celebrity, musical group, tv show, or topic. There is a webmaster who keeps the list updated and who can put out relevant information to the people on the list. The great part about this is that as a member of the fanlisting, there isn’t a lot for you to do.

I know there are all kinds of sites out there for specific interests. There are lots of postings and interactions. But for me, it is less about the topic of interest and more of a popularity contest. You are always trying to be funny, relevant, or clever so that people like or vote up the things you say. And then there are the mean trolls who attack you and want all kinds of awful things to happen to you just because you have an opinion they don’t agree with. Or you state a fact that they don’t like. Doesn’t matter how true it is or how wrong they are.

I don’t like all that drama.

A fanlisting, on the other hand, is really just a bunch of people who like the same thing. I don’t have to interact with anybody if I don’t want to. I can give as little personal information as I want. For example, on the macaron fanlisting I am on, all you need to be included in the listing is your first name and the flavor of macaron you like best. People can’t even get in touch with you if you don’t want them to—but you can include your email if you choose. I have a separate email that I use for all my fanlistings and I keep it separate from the ones I use for interacting online.

Some of the fanlistings I belong to are for Delta Goodrem, macarons, Hawaii, the Nancy Drew books that I loved as a kid, and dream Hawaii vacations. If I become a member of any others that are interesting, I will write about them here. You should take a look around fanlistings to see if you are interested in any of them. You might be surprised!