Retro Back to School Fanlisting

I am on so many fanlistings that I have lost count. I know some of them quite well, however, as they include my absolute top-tier favorites: Delta Goodrem, Bambi, and Enid Blyton. Then there are others like my birthstone – which happens to be the lovely crystal blue aquamarine – and backpacks. What you say? Why backpacks. Aren’t they simple canvas or denim mundane totes preferred by high school and college students, and adults who want to be like them? Yes, I had one as a kid even before I was a teen. We all had customized totes that we decorated to express our nascent personalities. I kept my schoolwork tucked tidily inside so I could take it home to show mom. Dad got a look later after she had given me the appropriate accolades.

I have met others on the fanlisting who like the same thing and are as nostalgic as I am. While some “fans” are beyond college, many are students trying to make their first purchase and want to be sure they select the coolest one. They get a lot of help from the old timers (ha! that means one or two years older). I thought the hand adorned versions we had as kids in my neighborhood were the best ever, and I have yet to see new ones as good as ours. We put jewels on with a little machine and sewed ribbons and charms that represented our interests. Some of the more talented girls did beautiful embroidery. I had to buy pre-existing patches at the fabric store. Nevertheless, our cute looking backpacks were glorious examples of youthful creativity. While I expressed my opinion to a young high school graduate in search of the perfect bag, others went beyond reminiscing and mentioned some available models on line. Only those in the “cool” category were cited.

I had a look for myself and was more than impressed. Yes, today there are great bags in various fabrics and styles. If you want “cool” you can get it. To me this means contrasting stitching or piping as well as straps. Boring denim or canvas is not enough these days to get any attention. You have to go with hot colors and eye-catching contrast. The inside is as bright and cheery as the outside. Then there must be all the requisite pockets and pouches to protect and house your stuff. The more the better is the motto these days. We all carry so many gadgets—necessities of life we can’t do without. For one person, it is an umbrella and fold-up rain poncho, for another it is a Swiss army knife or flashlight. My backpack is laden with protein bars (I am always hungry) and bottles of water. We all have car or house keys, a cell phone, a laptop or tablet, and assorted wallets or money clips. Health fanatics even carry vitamins and supplements. To each their own, as long as it is in a “cool” backpack.