A Fanlist Game

My friend and I had a bet that we couldn’t find a product, person, or subject on the Internet that didn’t have a fanlisting. We have these games where we challenge ourselves to do the impossible. We will take a card or two out of a full deck and then play to see if someone can win anyway. We have guessing games as to who is in this or that movie or who sang a particular old song. Our research ability is called into question when it comes to the Web.  But, in general, our games are all about memory and not skill. You have to recall something in order to look it up. As for fanlisting, I fancy myself as a bit of an expert since I love to meet people from all over the world on them. What is better than finding kindred spirits in the far corners of the globe?  As a would-be, self-proclaimed expert, I proposed the bet to see if my friend was as savvy as I am.

We started with a bunch of mundane topics or obvious celebrities that we know have fanlistings. After this warmup, we wanted to make it harder. The bet was for dinner at our favorite restaurant. The loser treats for drinks and a lavish meal. I didn’t care if I won or lost as long as we could go and have a good time. However, we couldn’t come up with a bet that would be really painful to lose. To continue the game. I had a list for her and she had one for me. At the top was the Dyson vacuum cleaner brand. She wanted me to prove that it had more fans than the Shark. Frankly, I had no clue so this time, it was a challenge. I couldn’t say that about Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, the USC Trojans, or skiing in Aspen. These were no brainers. Of course, there were tons of fans. I had no idea there were so many categories such as music, food and drink, travel, famous people, hobbies, sports, animals, books, and TV shows.

We gave ourselves one half hour maximum so the game would have an immediate end. We didn’t want to do searches long into the night. The Dyson is certainly popular but it came in second to the cheaper and powerful Shark on this web site. I suppose half the world has one and the other half has the other if the fanlistings were any indication. These companies should blog about it as it is great publicity. I guess I have unintentionally done their job. Fanlists are like a popularity contest and everyone has their two cents. Fansites are the ultimate in admiration and devotion. The Dyson and Shark sites were full of testimonials and praise for superior products. Most people had had it with their old vacuum and were pining for something better. Alas, they found it.