Oh, My Aching Feet!

I love my new shoes. I sound like a five-year-old. Ladies, remember when you got your first pair of Maryjanes. They were bright and shiny and fit like a glove. If you were lucky, your mother let you have one-inch heels. It was a real big girl feel and you were proud as a peacock to strut about. In fact, thinking back, I wore them so much that my feet were killing me most of the time. Guess what? This is happening to me right now. I have new shoes that I bought online so I didn’t get to try them on. They are gorgeous, a hot style, and at a great price so I couldn’t resist. They arrived and look as good in person as on the website. Plus, they had good reviews for style and comfort. I could never send them back. I wasn’t even tempted when I found that they were a bit tight. Maybe I needed a larger size but then I would need a padded insert if they were too big.  Like most new shoes, I figured that they would loosen up in a short period of time. Meanwhile I would have to suffer. As you can see from this blog, it is not in silence.

So I ended up with foot pain and it brought back childhood memories. I wasn’t going to put up with it this time. My mom rubbed my feet and I remember the good feeling. Why not get the best foot massager for myself, one that I could use anywhere I want as long as there is an outlet. As I usually do, I went to the fanlistings for foot massagers to make sure that I buy the right one. I have relied on public opinion for so long that I can’t make a move without it. I wasn’t disappointed. I got my answer.

I love my new portable foot massager as much as I love my new shoes. It makes the soreness disappear in minutes. Aching feet are history. It is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, the kind you get in a massage salon. It is cheaper and more convenient as you don’t have to get in the car. My unit has all kinds of settings from low to high to vibration and there are attachments to heighten the effects. (Some come with heat but I don’t live in a cold climate.) It is worth its weight in gold. I am touting a foot massager to all you out there who wear shoes. Ha! I amazed that it isn’t a billion dollar industry. Forget spraying your shoes to make them looser. It isn’t that effective. A foot massager is the best answer. Think about how it would feel at the end of a long work day, especially if you have been standing around. Those who walk a lot will also appreciate this gadget. Thanks to the fanlisting, I made the right choice.