Profiting from Hobbies

We all have hobbies. If you don’t, you may want to leave now. I believe in personal pastimes as a way of life. It isn’t hard to find something enthralling these days. For me it is Delta Goodrem, the singer, songwriter and actress; Bambi; and the stellar British author, Enid Blyton. Surely you have your own list. I adore fan listings that coincide with my interests. If you aren’t into something exciting, you are missing a lot. There must be something wrong with you! Aren’t we all obsessed with the Internet and spend hours online. In fact, I just found a fan listing dedicated to people who make a profit off hobbies like metal detecting, panning for gold, and even blog writing. That caught my attention. What fun to go out looking for gold with a metal detector from, for example, for fun and at the same time find profit. It could fuel all your other hobbies. If you struck a lode, you could fund your friends’ hobbies, too. I may be getting a big farfetched, but it is a thought rambling around in my head.

I know people who make a living off their hobbies, and I don’t mean panning for gold. Just kidding. They make jewelry, handmade clothing or handbags, sell jams in mason jars, create fabulous candles, scented soaps, or bath oils. You see them at farmer’s markets all the time hawking their wares. They can also bake bread, make soup, cookies and cakes, or crepes (I love those vendors the most). I see them selling the fruit and vegetables from their gardens. I love natural products and frequent these markets when I can.  If anyone likes to pan for gold, they would surely keep it for themselves. There is an off chance that they fashion it into jewelry. Gold always fetches a high price. No wonder artisans are sticking with silver. Panning may be the road to another kind of hobby that is lucrative and rewarding.

I can’t sell any of my hobbies, and certainly not my blog. I can give advice on books, movies, music, and some food. This is as far as it goes. Who knows, someday someone may pay for this counsel if I write an e-book. Right now, I am happy to connect with as many readers as I can. I hope we share many passions. Blogs are the best way to find out. Sometimes I think the best part of blog writing is finding fellow travelers. It is encouraging to know you are not alone in the world. Life is all about human relationships and many are based on hobbies. Since this is my topic of the day, I must praise anyone who has found their soul in something other than work. We can get so absorbed by everyday demands, that we miss out on so many joys. It is time to enliven your life with special pastimes and interests. This is what I mean by profiting from your hobbies.