What Do You Collect?

I love to collect things and right now I am into Disney trading pins. No, it didn’t start as a child even though that was the first time I encountered Bambi in the wonderful film. Most of us remember crying our eyes out. Since that time the deer has become an emblem to me and a symbol of childhood freedom and fantasy. This little creature, a naïve denizen of the forest, has become a kind of mystical charm in my life. He is my good luck amulet on a gold chain bracelet. I have personified Bambi and made him my confidant, speaking to him in my pillow at night as a child. I also talked to Thumper and Flower. I became part of an animated dream.

As I grew up, Bambi remained by my side. Now he is everywhere in my life in jewelry, images, on video and more. I like the vibe he creates of childlike wonder, of discovering the world anew everyday as you encounter new situations. I love his relationship with his mother.  So, the pins came along time later when the collector bug hit me. Why not my favorite cartoon character? It was a waste keeping them in a box in my drawer even though I would sort through them from time to time. Now they decorate my backpack, the one I take to work. It is not for camping or hiking so my precious pins will not get lost. It is my every day go-to bag for any purpose day or night. The Disney pins are wonderful and colorful on the soft suede bag. The Bambi pins are the most visible as they exist in a fair number. Each one is unique as I find them in antique stores or online. Getting the really old ones is very hard and you pay a hefty price. If it is in good condition, it goes right on the bag. Imagine someone’s business bag covered in Bambi pins. It is an attention grabber!

Pin collecting is very personal. If you don’t want to display your stuff while you’re moving, finding the right business backpack is important. Your pin collection may be travel souvenirs from the countries you have visited. They can be friendship pins given to you by friends. Some people like dogs, cats, owls, or mice. To each his own as they say. Men and women are both collectors in equal numbers. It is by no means a girl thing (although I suppose Bambi is).

I often see cars and truck pins or motorcycles and bicycles. Like me, these people go for the old ones that have real value. It is the process of finding what you want that is exciting. I would never buy a lot of pins all at once. The collection should grow slowly over time. You have to savor each and every find. Besides the fun of the search, it is also most enjoyable to show your array. Hence, the backpack. Try it for your favorite pins.