Not Cut Out for Pet Sitting

I like to help my friends and willingly offer to do errands or take care of their house when they are sick. I am grateful to get the same treatment in return. I don’t draw the line at most any chore but recently I found out that I am not cut out for pet sitting. I thought it would go well and didn’t expect any problems. While I love my friend, I didn’t know the little chihuahua for long and knew there would be an adjustment period. It is a skittish breed known for flighty antics, but I came prepared to sit with toys and treats. I got the run down on Facebook before my friend left on vacation. I would follow a feeding schedule, provide water all day long and take the little creature for two walks, one in the morning and one at night. He liked to sleep on the bed which was fine with me. I was staying over night for the weekend and wanted her pet to feel that nothing had changed.

Everything was hunky dory at first until it was time for a walk. The dog had been cooped up for hours and I expected him to run free. He scampered in front of me so that I would not rein in him, but he was always in sight. At one point before I realized it, he was rolling around in the dirt in a flower garden. It was damp, and the dark soil clung to his short fur. He tried to shake it off to my amusement, but it did little good. I decided that the damage was done and that he could go about his business at will. This mean a few more times in the dirt; the little devil was showing off.

I was a bit in a panic when we got home, trying to prevent him from tracking the dirt inside the house and onto the white carpet. Yikes. Who has a white carpet with a dog! I grabbed him from the center of his tiny body and ran to the kitchen to place him in the sink. He was small enough so that I didn’t have to mess up the bathtub. Now that would be a task to clean up. He squirmed for a while, sending sprays of soaked soil onto my clothing. I immediately turned on the water and let it warm up for the impending bath. I covered him in suds and scrubbed gently. He didn’t move a muscle. He actually loved the massage. The Moen faucet could be adjusted to different levels of spray. Finding the right one was easy at Kitchen Faucet Depot. These new high-tech faucets are simply wonderful, plus they are beautifully designed.

My concerns about my friend finding out about the session in the dirt were unfounded. The chihuahua was clean as a whistle and the sink was rinsed down in a few seconds. I had the only telltale signs on my clothes. When she returned from her trip and asked how it went, I replied with a smile, “he was an angel.”