A Better Night’s Sleep

Have you ever tossed and turned at night, not because your mind is full of wonderful ideas to implement tomorrow, but as a result of the heat? Of course…we all have. I hate it when I have to get up early the next day and I haven’t gotten my full eight hours. There is a reason they say this is required for maximum productivity. If you want to be alert and at your best, you must clock in the time. It is best to make it a regular routine. You might go light once in a while with few ill effects. However, when it is hot inside the house, I suffer. I can turn on the air conditioning, but I find that while it cools the room off, it is also an annoyance. I can’t seem to get just the right temperature. Now I am too cold. You can’t win!

I had to find a solution. After coming up with some ideas, let me share what finally did the trick. At first I tried leaving the windows open but disliked the morning noises they let in. It seemed obvious but was ineffective. Meanwhile, the sleepless nights were wearing me out. I found myself nodding off during the day, even in the middle of an important business meeting. It was mortifying. I ended up sharing my plight with some friends and one suggested I go online and find a nice, reasonably-priced ceiling fan. He even sent me this link – https://www.ceilingfanchoice.com/best-flush-mount-ceiling-fan/.There are loads of choices to suit every taste. It wasn’t a matter of décor for me and I selected a basic low-profile model. This means that it is mounted close to the ceiling, or as the ad says, it “hugs” it. I love that description.

The fan is so unobtrusive and is so easy to operate by remote control. You can lie in bed and adjust it as you want according to the room temperature. It also has a nice central light fixture that I can use as basic illumination or ambiance lighting when dim. The fan is an all-purpose marvel and the ideal solution for my problem. No expensive air conditioning with all its chilling presence. I can have a gentle breeze or full gust of wind. Ha! I have to give my friend full credit for the idea as I might not arrived at this remedy on my own. You won’t believe how many websites sell them, so apparently others have sweaty, sleepless nights as well. Now I know what to do and just had to share. I know you will like the appearance of the modern design. The one I bought is perfect for a contemporary room. The cylindrical motor housing sits atop the wooden blades, stained in the color I ordered. For refreshing circulation that is energy efficient and quiet, I suggest you get one today. I sound like an ad because I am so thrilled that I can sleep soundly again.